Resource Pack
Installing the official ZephCraft Resource Pack.
The ZephCraft Resource pack is required in order for some features on the server to work properly. The texture pack will automatically prompt you to install it when you join the server, but you can choose to also manually install it as well.
The Resource Pack is not currently supported on Bedrock clients, but we hope to find a solution in the future to support it.

Enabling the Server Resource Pack

To enable the server resource pack, edit the server under the Minecraft Server List, and make sure "Server Resource Packs" is Enabled.

Manually Installing the Texture Pack

Manually installing the texture pack only provides a benefit to not automatically re-download it when you join the server. While this saves a few seconds of waiting for it to download and install, it means you must manually check and install updates to the texture pack when we release new items and textures. We typically will notify users of texture pack updates in the Discord Server. You can also check the version below, with the version you have installed to see if you are running the latest version.
First, open the resource pack folder where you normally install texture packs.
Then download the latest version below, and drag the zip file into the folder.
After this, disable Server Resource Packs by editing the ZephCraft server from your server list and turning off auto-downloading of resource packs. Your edit server screen should reflect below.
The Helix Resource Pack v4.16
Last modified 5mo ago