Warps & Teleportation

Player Warps

Player warps are the modern Homes (/home) and allow far more customization and extensibility. With Player Warps, you can create a warp that is personal, or invite trusted friends and players to have access. You can even create a public warp if you want to invite players to be able to access this warp. Public warps are useful if you have a shop or town and want public visitors to easily find it.

The Player Warp GUI

Open the Player Warp GUI to create, view, delete and edit all your warps.

The Main Command is /playerwarps but /pwarps, /home, /sethome and /delhome are all aliases.

All of your warps, as well as warps you have access to are listed here. You can use the compass to change filtering between categories, personal warps, and all available warps. Use the up and down arrows to navigate between pages if you have many warps.

Use the nether star to create a new warp at the location you are currently in or click the existing warp to teleport there.

To travel to one of your saved warps, simply click on the warp icon. You can hover over the icon to get information about the specific warp.

The Player Warp GUI

Creating a Player Warp

Click the Nether start to get started with Creating a Player Warp. The Nether Star will open an Anvil Screen where you can name your warp. Set a name then click the nametag on the right to confirm.

Editing a Player Warp

Once your warp is created you can edit it with advanced settings by right clicking it in the player warps menu.


To change the icon item, hold that item in your hand (make sure its selected and highlighted), then enter the editor and click the painting, and then the itemframe.

Select the Name Tag to change the name of the warp.

Select the Paper to add a description line. You can add up to 3 lines, but they must be added 1 at a time.

Select the Eye of Ender to add a message once the player teleports to that warp.

Appearance Editor


Select the Door to change the Warp from a Private to a Public Warp.

Select the Ender Pearl to change the coordinates/location of the warp.

Options Editor


Open the Book and Quill to select the categories for your warp. If you are setting a public warp, or inviting members to have access to your warp, it is important to select a category for your warp! This makes it easier to filter and find specific locations. For example, if one of your warps is a shop, tag it with the shop class so that people searching for shops can easily find it and shop there.

Classes Editor

Adding Trusted Members to Your Warp

To give someone access to your warp, open up the editor and select the Iron Chestplate. From here, select the nether star to begin adding members. Players have to be online, and you must spell their username correctly (dont use their nickname if they have one set). All your trusted members will be listed here and you can revoke access to players at anytime.

Players can not create a warp in a location that they do not have access to build in. So if you do not /trust someone you can revoke their access to your home at any time.

If you are adding Bedrock users, you must include the * in front of their username

Adding Members to Warp

Simple Player Warps

If you would prefer a simpler, command based approach to warps, you can do so using the following commands.

/pwarps create <warp name> will create a warp (or home) for you.

/pwarps <warp name> will teleport you to this warp location.

Global Warps

Global warps are warps set by the server admins that are accessible to everyone. You can access the Global Warps menu by typing /warps

Hover over an icon to view available warps and details about them, then click on it to start teleporting to that location.

Some warps may be locked, and require certain tasks to be completed in order to unlock them. We'll provide information on that at a later date.

Global Warps Menu

Teleporting to Other Players

You can request a teleport to another player, or request that another player teleport to you using the following commands.




/tpa <player>

Request to teleport to another player


/tpahere <player>

Request that player to teleport to you



Accept the teleport request


Deny the teleport request


Toggle teleportation requests on or off


Return to your last location (Subscribers only)



Teleport to a random location in the main world



Takes you to the main spawn city of the world

What a teleport request looks like

When you receive a teleport request, you can accept or deny by clicking "accept" or "deny" in chat. If you are playing on Bedrock, you will have to enter the commands since Bedrock doesnt support click actions in chat.

Video Tutorial

This video tutorial is an in-depth explanation on Player Warps, and also touches on Global Warps and teleporting.